Grade 8 Boys V-Ball Tryouts

47641_340Starting from October.27,2016,the majority of the Grade 8 boys gather in the gym at lunch to show their volleyball skills and to prove that they deserve a spot on the team. On day 6 of tryouts,Brady Charboneau,a grade 8,dove for a ball and ended up hurting his knee.The  boy with the huge determination,he powered through and played the rest of the tryout. The trick is to never give up,no matter  how much you hurt doing it or how tired you get,you just power through!! And that is truly what makes you a JAG!!!

Spooky Pumpkins Results

Students at St.Joes Catholic Highschool participated in a spooky pumpkin craft on October.19 and October.26.The students were to decorate 1 pumpkin with different materials in the class.Some materials consist of tissue paper,paint,markers,paper,pipe cleaners,bows and glitter. Lots of students were successful in creating spooky but artistically beautiful pumpkins. A few students who participated were,Donald Arsenault,Madison Maika,Cassandra Munk,Dayna Schaly,Ryan O’Gorman,Tori Trainor,Abigal Visinski,Paige Petroskie,and many more. Students were asked to vote for their favorite on the 31st.pixlr_20161031094150841

Spooky Pumpkins

Miss.Cobus,the art teacher,is allowing students to decorate pumpkins at lunch with many materials.Materials consist of paint,tissue paper,markers,paper and many more.The dates she is doing this on is October.19 and October.26 at lunch.So if you enjoy art and like Halloween,I recommend you check this out!

Eat In Style


The school and Kerri Rebertz,the cafeteria lady, came up with an excellent way to shorten the cafeteria lineup at lunch. Everyday customers were getting aggravated because of the long intense waits in the lineup.Now with our new system,they don’t have to wait! The way this system works is;

 you go to the  cafeteria in the morning and grab an order form

then you pick what you would like for lunch

you pay for it

then at lunch all you have to do is pick it up.

No more aggravating waits in the lineup.It’s that easy! So Jags,I encourage you to try out our new system,you will for sure be satisfied with the result.





The school is allowing students to form a team of 10 to compete in a school dodgeball tournament.The cost is $20 per team,and all the proceeds are going to the Renfrew Victoria Hospital.This tournament isn’t just about dodgeball,its about bonding and making new friends! The tournament is held in the gym at lunch and will start some time near the end of November. Good luck JAGS!!

The New Lunch Time Attraction

20161014_101810“The school had to make a new change to suit the increased school population because the cafeteria wasn’t big enough for everyone.The school committee debated on whether or not they should take down a classroom.In the end the final result was to take away the library due to lack of use because of the recent improvements in technology.” – Mrs.Watters / Student Services Advisor

The main reason behind the new “Student Lounge” is to make another place in the school where students can eat their lunch at.Also,it’s a place where students can get caught up on work or to study for tests and exams.Therefore,the Student Lounge is the new lunch time attraction.

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